Machine Gun Kelly Walks Out of "Most Awkward Interview" with Martin Brandl at the Brazilian Grand Prix

Machine Gun Kelly abruptly left an interview with Martin Brandl on Sky Sports during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The American rapper was in São Paulo for the Formula 1 race when he was chatting with Brandl in an interview that fans have dubbed the "most awkward interview in history."

Brandl, known for his quirky sidewalk interviews, invited Kelly to chat before the race.

But things got awkward when the British reporter asked about the progress in the superstar's career.

Kelly brushed off the question, saying, "My career? I don't think about my career. I don't think about it."

The situation became even more uncomfortable when he asked the Sky Sports interviewer to join him for a live air guitar and air piano performance.

Brandl awkwardly declined, saying, "No, [millions of people are watching]. You do it! I can't do it. I can't do it. I probably need to move on because we need to see someone."

Machine Gun Kelly was furious that he didn't join him in this impromptu jam session and stormed off from the interview and away from the camera.

Continuing, Brandl joked that after this conversation, the Hollywood star might not become his biggest fan. He said, "I have a feeling I won't be on his Christmas card list."

Fans watching from home were bewildered by the interview and couldn't believe how awkward it was.

One said, "That was genuinely awkward! I don't think that was Martin either!"