Prince Harry "Snubs" Charles Again as Duke "Declines Invitation to 75th Birthday Party"

Prince Harry has reportedly declined an invitation to his father's 75th birthday party, indicating that relations between the king and his son remain chilly.

It is believed that the Duke of Sussex was offered an invitation to attend His Majesty's party next week at Clarence House.

November 14th marks the king's 75th birthday.

However, sources have informed The Sunday Times that the 39-year-old prince has no plans to attend, as the rift between them remains significant.

Relations between King Harry and his brother, Prince William, have grown cold after his repeated attacks on the royal family in the book "Spire" and a Netflix documentary.

Charles will celebrate his 75th birthday on November 14th and is reportedly hosting a small gathering with family and close friends.

Earlier this year, we reported on Harry declining an invitation to attend the anniversary of the queen's death.

Harry briefly attended the king's coronation but left shortly thereafter.

The olive branch from the king was thought to be the last invitation, signaling his willingness to welcome Harry back into the family.

However, this birthday snub is the latest indication that reconciliation has not yet occurred.

A friend of Charles told The Sunday Times, "As he approaches the end of another successful working day and thinks about his family, there will always be a pain in his heart over the issue he has yet to resolve."