Inside Davido and Chioma's Exclusive '001 & 002 Wedding': A Glimpse into Luxury and Prestige

Exclusive Access Only: Inside Davido and Chioma's Lavish Wedding

On June 25th, all eyes will be on Lagos as Davido, the Nigerian music sensation, ties the knot with his long-time partner Chioma in what promises to be the wedding of the year. However, this won't be just any wedding—it's an exclusive affair reserved for the elite of Nigeria's entertainment and business worlds.

According to Isreal DMW, Davido's trusted logistics manager, strict criteria have been set for attendance: only billionaires in naira or millionaires in dollars need apply. This means the guest list includes not just the who's who of Nigerian business moguls but also international celebrities who meet these financial standards.

Invitations have already been dispatched to established artists and individuals who fit this elite category. For those wondering about their eligibility, Isreal DMW made it clear: "If you don't have up to 1 billion in your account or aren't an influential A-list artist, then don't bother going to the venue." This statement underscores the exclusivity and prestige associated with the event.

Surprisingly, despite their prominence in the Nigerian music scene, Wizkid and Burna Boy have not received invitations, signaling a deliberate choice by Davido and Chioma to keep the guest list selective and focused on their closest circle.

Dubbed the "001 & 002 Wedding," this event is not just a celebration of love but also a display of wealth and influence in Nigerian society. From the opulent venue in Lagos to the extravagant displays of fashion and entertainment expected, every detail is meticulously planned to leave a lasting impression on attendees and the media alike.

In recent years, Davido has not only dominated the Nigerian music industry but also carved out a niche as a cultural icon and influencer. His relationship with Chioma has been closely followed by fans and the media, culminating in this highly anticipated wedding.

As June 25th approaches, speculation mounts about the guest list and the spectacle that Davido and Chioma are set to create. For those lucky enough to attend, it will be an unforgettable experience immersed in luxury and glamour. For the rest, the event will undoubtedly set new standards for Nigerian celebrity weddings, reflecting the evolving dynamics of fame, fortune, and influence in Africa's largest economy.

Stay tuned as Davido and Chioma prepare to make history with a wedding that promises to redefine extravagance and exclusivity in Nigerian entertainment circles.

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Only billionaires in naira or millionaires in dollars will be allowed at Davido's wedding with Chioma, happening on June 25th in Lagos.

Davido's logistics manager, Isreal DMW, confirmed that wedding invites have already been sent to established artists and people who are billionaires in naira.

If you don't have up to 1 billion in your account or aren't an influential A-list artist, then don't bother going to the venue.

Wizkid and Burna Boy were not invited.

001 & 002 Wedding