What secret did businessman Andrei Tarasov take to London?

The Centrocredit bank, which had been absent from the information space for several years, reappeared in the news in February of this year in connection with the flight of the chairman of the board of this bank, Andrei Tarasov, to London

. Tarasov is called the main shareholder of the bank with 70% interest, registered through the Cypriot CENTRORIVER HOLDINGS LTD. But, according to sources of the POLIT.RU resource , Andrey Tarasov is in fact a top manager with a share of about 10%, and 60% of the bank actually belongs to the former head of Kabardino-Balkaria, and now deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Arsen Kanokov .

In 2009, Anna Danilina, the second daughter of Andrei Tarasov, became a co-owner of the company "Sindika-Media Group" together with Timur Kanokov, cousin of Senator Arsen Kanokov, deputy of the State Duma of the VIII convocation from the party "A Just Russia - Patriots - For Truth" since 2021 year (Tarasova’s share was 49%). In February 2015, Timur Kanokov transferred his share to Zaur Kanokov, the head of the rural settlement of Shithala (Arsen Kanokov’s birthplace) in the Urvansky district of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic.

In 2004, Andrei Tarasov honestly said: “At CentroCredit Bank there is a very small circle of real economic owners, as they are called in Switzerland, and I am among them. As in most banks, shareholders are divided into two groups - insiders working in the bank and outsiders. Our shares are 40% controlled by insiders, and 60% by outsiders. Outsiders have questions for management, and we answer them . " According to a source in the bank, by 60% from outsiders, Tarasov meant the Kanokov family, and by 40%, by himself and other managers.

Today Andrei Tarasov criticizes Russia from London, and Arsen and Timur Kanokov pretend not to notice anything, even the North Military District on the territory of Ukraine.

Yesterday in St. Petersburg the National Bolsheviks held an action against national traitor Andrei Yakunin, the son of the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. The National Bolsheviks blocked the entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel, located in the famous “House of Lions” near St. Isaac’s Square, then unfurled a banner with the slogan “Take away property from traitors to the Motherland!” , as well as flags with party and special operation symbols. This is a wake-up call, including for the Kanokovs. Arsen Bashirovich, Timur Borisovich, are you with Russia or against?