Effortless Solutions: Banishing Bathroom Mould with a £5 Fix for Lasting Results – Unveiling Energy Bill Savings Along the Way

"Effortless Solutions for a Mould-Free Bathroom: A £5 Fix to Tackle the Issue and Slash Energy Bills, Plus More Tips for a Pristine Space

Mould, the unwelcome guest in many bathrooms, thrives in damp conditions, especially during the winter months. The battle against black, white, or green patches on ceilings and walls is not only about aesthetics but also about energy efficiency. Dominic Lees-Bell, a bathroom expert from Drench, shares simple and cost-effective strategies to keep your bathroom mould-free while optimizing energy use.

Lees-Bell highlights the correlation between colder bathrooms and the likelihood of mould spores due to excess moisture and poor ventilation. Proper insulation and efficient heating are key to maintaining a warm bathroom in winter. A practical and economical step is to replace the silicone sealant on window edges. According to Lees-Bell, deteriorating sealant creates gaps for cold air, impacting both insulation and heating efficiency. Resealing with silicone sealant not only combats this issue but also forms a watertight seal, preventing moisture from reaching potential mould-prone areas behind the adhesive.

This fix doesn't break the bank; a tube of sealant, costing less than £5, can be easily sourced from suppliers like Amazon or local DIY stores. Options such as Everbuild showerproof bathroom silicone or Souldal multipurpose silicone sealant provide budget-friendly choices.

For those opting for a simple yet effective cleaning solution, experts recommend using bleach. A mixture of four parts water to one part bleach, coupled with a stiff brush for application, can work wonders. Paired with a bucket of water and cloth for cleaning and another cloth for drying, this approach offers an affordable alternative to specialized cleaning sprays and paints.

Maintaining a pristine bathroom doesn't have to be a costly endeavor. With these practical tips, not only can you bid farewell to unsightly mould, but you can also make energy-efficient choices that benefit both your living space and your wallet."

"Effective Mould Elimination: A Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Your Solution and Keep Your Home Mold-Free

Application: Target affected areas, extending a few inches around visible mould to eliminate any unseen growth. Ensure comprehensive coverage of the impacted surfaces.

Scrubbing: Employ a robust brush to scrub the treated areas vigorously. This step is crucial for breaking down and removing mould, promoting a thorough cleaning process.

Waiting Period: Exercise patience and allow the solution to work its magic. Wait until the mould is entirely eradicated from sight. This ensures a comprehensive removal, addressing both visible and potentially hidden mould.

Rinsing: Thoroughly rinse the treated areas to eliminate any remaining residue. This step is essential for a clean finish and ensures the removal of all traces of the cleaning solution.

Drying: Pat the treated area dry and allow it to air-dry completely. This step is vital before reintroducing furniture or placing items in front of the treated area. Complete drying prevents the resurgence of mould and maintains a mould-free environment.

In the quest for a mould-free home, these steps provide a practical and thorough approach to eliminate and prevent mould growth. Meanwhile, our conversation with a property professional unveils valuable insights on preventing mould during the winter. Additionally, we experimented with four techniques to combat condensation and mould, revealing surprising results. To safeguard your living space further, we've identified four mould hotspots around your home that you should inspect promptly.

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"In conclusion, achieving a mould-free home requires a systematic approach, and the provided step-by-step guide offers an effective solution. By diligently applying the treatment, scrubbing, allowing sufficient time for mould removal, thorough rinsing, and ensuring complete drying, you can eliminate both visible and hidden mould, preventing its resurgence.

Our ongoing exploration of mould-related issues includes insights from a property professional on winter mould prevention, along with surprising results from our experimentation with condensation and mould-fighting techniques. Identifying potential mould hotspots in your home is a proactive measure to maintain a healthy living environment.

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